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Daily Quiz 11 – Syllogism

Welcome to your Daily Quiz 11 - Syllogism

1. Statements :
All movies are songs
No song is a poem
Some poems are myth
Conclusions :
I) Some movies are myth
II) No song is a myth
2. Statements :
All phones are balls
All balls are screens
All screens are tables
Conclusions :
I) No screen is a phone
II) Some tables are balls
3. Statements :
Some bikes are planets
Some planets are bulls
All bulls are humans
Conclusions :
I) Some planets are humans
II) No bike is a human
4. Statements :
Some bananas are apples
Some apples are not oranges
No orange is a grape
Conclusions :
I) Some oranges are apples
II) No grape is a banana
5. Statements :
Some books are not comics
All comics are novels
Some novels are stories
Conclusions :
I) Some novels are not books
II) Some books are stories
6. Statements :
Some gems are not diamonds
All diamonds are gold
All gems are platinum
I) Some diamonds are platinum
II) Some gold are not gems
7. Statements :
No player is an actor
No actor is a politician
Some politicians are leaders
I) Some players are leaders
II) Some leaders are not actors
8. Statements :
No capacitor is a resistor
Some resistors are inductors
No inductor is a diode
I) Some inductors are not capacitors
II) Some diodes are capacitors
9. Statements :
All cups are mugs
No mug is a plate
No plate is a glass
Conclusions :
I) Some glasses are mugs
II) No cup is a plate

10. Statements :
All windows are doors
Some doors are not rooms
No room is a house
Conclusions :
I) No door is a house
II) Some rooms are windows
Fathimath Ansara

Fathimath Ansara

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