10 Dec 19

Model Question for KAS Mains answer writing.

Question of the Day.

Assess the impact of global warming on the coral life system with examples. {Answer in 150 words}

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Just read the following articles. https://blogs.ei.columbia.edu/2011/06/13/losing-our-coral-reefs/


Global is that situation in which the overall temperature of earth increases,by natural and as well as artificial causes.It has far reaching consequences on every sphere of earth.

Impact of Global warming on coral (1)Water becoming to Global warming the water is becoming more acidic in nature which in turn affecting the corals upto a large extent.The various fauna associated with it also get affected.Corals began to die, due to becoming of acidification of water. (2) Temperature to rise in temperature,we are also witnessing a phenomenon called as coral bleaching. In which coral which has a symbiotic relationship with a green color pigment which provides both food and color it tends to dissociates with it.Which leads to loosing of color,it becomes white.

are many recent incidences of affect on corals can be given (1)Great barrier reef- is one of the largest coral reef of the world and since 2-3 years, lot of coral bleaching is been witnessed there.Which is bad for overall health of aquatic ecosystem. (2)Lakshadweep- this area bleaching is also witnessed,which not only decreasing the beautification of the area but also decreasing the tourism .Thus affecting fiscal state of the Union territory.


Global warming is one of the major problems our earth face today.The main reason of those climate changes and I'll effects on nature is ,the cruelty of human beings to our mother nature .The problem of global warming is increasing day by day.Environmental pollution,deforestation,deep excavations and some other reasons lead to global warming. In the present day the impact of global warming has been increasing in alarming rate , especially on the corallife system.The increase of temperature in the environment lead to water warming and it leads to a bad effect on coral life system also.We should take all the necessary changes to adapt the natural sustaining of environment.