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Do you intend to pass the OET exam the first time around? Are you trying to find a study resource that will enable you to train for only a few weeks and obtain the required OET score? The expert educators at Entri will help you improve your OET results by using individualized, methodical, and thorough learning techniques.

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Course Overview

The OET Preparation Course on the Entri App has been carefully crafted to assist healthcare workers in improving their English language skills in order to satisfy the demands of the Occupational English Test (OET). All four language skills—Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking—are covered in detail in this extensive course, with an emphasis on the context of healthcare settings to make sure students are ready to meet the requirements of the OET.

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Personal Mentorship

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100% Syllabus Coverage

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Doubt Clearing Sessions

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Daily Study Plan & Tasks

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Live Classes By Expert Faculties

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Mock Exams

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Exam Strategies & Tips

Skills Covered

Get the essential skills listed below !

Job Roles

Here's a list of OET course job roles


Medical practitioners who diagnose and treat illnesses; they must be fluent in English in patient communication, medical terminology, and paperwork.


Caregivers in charge of patient care, health education, and administrative duties; they must possess high comprehension, accurate documentation, and communication skills about medical knowledge.


Dentists are oral health professionals who diagnose and treat dental disorders. They must be skilled communicators with patients and draft thorough treatment plans and case notes.


Pharmacists are medical professionals who advise patients on how to utilize pharmaceuticals and deliver them; they must be able to understand prescriptions, patient histories, and medical literature.


Therapists who create and carry out patient rehabilitation programs; they must communicate well in order to educate, inspire, and record patients' progress.


Medical imaging experts who carry out diagnostic imaging treatments; they must be able to comprehend and effectively communicate technical details as well as patient directions.


Eye care specialists who conduct vision examinations and recommend corrective lenses; they must maintain meticulous records of their patients' eye health and communicate with accuracy.


Paramedics are emergency medical professionals who give care in life-threatening circumstances. They must communicate and document accurately and quickly under duress.


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OET Exam 2024

The OET exam is regarded as the most exclusive language test that is truly meant for people who are working in the healthcare sector. If you’re a person interested in migrating abroad to study or work in the field of the healthcare sector you need to score the best results.

OET Last Minute Tips

Have a look at the OET test tips to know about last-minute tips and advice for the exam day.

OET Score for UK 2024

OET (Occupational English Test) is conducted to assess the language proficiency of healthcare professionals who wish to work in English-speaking countries. The score demand varies for countries.

OET Accepted Countries and Required Grades For Nurses

The OET is recognized and accepted in various countries worldwide. It focuses on healthcare communication and language proficiency to ensure that healthcare professionals have the right language skills to provide effective patient care.

Eligibility for OET

Let's examine the eligibility requirements you would need to meet in order to take the OET exam:

  • Education: As long as a candidate is seeking employment in the healthcare profession or wants to pursue studies in this field, there are no restrictions on who can sit for the OET.
  • Age Limit: In accordance with the established guidelines, no age limit has been declared as of yet. Any student who wants to work in the healthcare profession and travel abroad and accepts the findings of the OET exam is eligible to take the test.

Prerequisites of OET course

Here are the prerequisites for an OET course

Basic English Proficiency icon

Basic English Proficiency

Reading, writing, speaking, listening, and comprehension of the English language at an intermediate to advanced level.

Background in Healthcare: icon

Background in Healthcare:

Experience working in a medical, nursing, dental, pharmacy, or other related sector.

Knowledge of Medical Terminology icon

Knowledge of Medical Terminology

Proficiency in terms of medical terminology and concepts pertinent to the applicant's line of work.

Educational Requirements icon

Educational Requirements

A degree or diploma in healthcare-related fields completed or almost completed.

Study Commitment: icon

Study Commitment:

The readiness to devote time and energy to a study plan that includes self-study, practice exams, assignments, and classes.

Access to Resources icon

Access to Resources

Having a computer, a dependable internet connection, online practice exams, study materials, and language learning tools available.

Why Live Sessions?

Live Sessions

Real-time interaction

Facilitate interactions between students and instructors, foster a sense of community conducive to ask questions, get feedback, and pick up knowledge from others.

Increased Engagement

Engage participants directly, respond to inquiries promptly, and provide a more dynamic learning environment.

Flexible and Convenient

Participation is possible from any location with an internet connection, allowing learners to more easily integrate education into their hectic schedules.

Up-to-date information

Teachers can impart their knowledge on cutting-edge subjects and offer perceptions into current business practices.


Live sessions are more accessible to a wider audience due to their generally lower cost in comparison to traditional classroom-based training.

Key Learning Outcomes

Here are some key learnings you can expect to gain from OET coaching

Reading Skills

Develop strategies for rapidly comprehending and analyzing medical materials.

Writing Skills

Acquire methodical techniques for producing lucid, impactful medical correspondence.

Listening skills

Enhance your listening skills to better capture precise, in-depth medical information.

Speaking Proficiency

Become proficient in communicating with patients and professionals.

Time management:

Effective techniques to finish each portion within the allotted time. Improve your vocabulary and grammar to include more terms related to medicine.

Exam Techniques

Learn the format of the examination and get experience with sample tests.

Patient Communication

Communicate with patients in a straightforward, compassionate manner.

Live Sessions

Frequently Asked Questions

The Occupational English Test (OET) is an international English language proficiency test specifically developed for healthcare experts. It considers the language skills of doctors, nurses, dentists, pharmacists, and other allied health specialists who desire to work or study in an English-speaking healthcare country.

The total exam time for OET is about 3 hours and 20 minutes. Each sub-test has a time limit. The Speaking sub-test is usually scheduled separately within a few days before or after the other sub-tests.

The score provisions for OET differ depending on the institution you are applying to. Typically, a score of at least grade B per sub-test is required by most regulatory bodies and employers.

Yes, special grammar lessons will be provided in the OET classes. We strongly believe that establishing a solid foundation in language is crucial for learners to confidently perform in the OET tests.

Yes, online OET coaching can be very effective. The online course materials are often created by experienced OET trainers and teachers, so you can rest assured that you’ll get high-quality instruction. Additionally, with online coaching, you’ll be able to ask questions and get instant feedback from your OET trainer.

Yes, you can join the personal mentor batch to access the benefits. Our team of experienced trainers is dedicated to providing personalized mentorship throughout your OET preparation journey.

During an online OET coaching session, you can expect to receive materials such as practice questions, helpful tips for tackling each section, and guidance on how to improve your overall score. Your coach will also provide feedback on your performance and suggest ways to improve.

Advantages of Learning from Entri

Upgrade Learning Experience

Top-notch coaching Icon

Top-notch coaching

Entri provides high quality education with expert mentor support and experienced trainers, ensuring students receive top guidance to build a career.

Personalized learning Icon

Personalized learning

Entri offers personalized attention and interactive sessions, ensuring effective learning through tailored guidance and active participation.

Student Support Icon

Student Support

Entri provides industry networking and internship and placement assistance offering a holistic learning experience for aspiring professionals.

Skill Development Icon

Skill Development

Entri provides project assistance, practical training, and group discussions, enabling users to gain practical skills and collaborate effectively

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