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Discover Entri Elevate's SAP FICO Course, featuring comprehensive syllabus, placement assistance, SAP certification, and other exciting features. Gain expertise in SAP Financial Accounting and Controlling with guidance towards lucrative career opportunities.

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SAP FICO Course Overview

Entri is one of the best online platforms, providing comprehensive SAP FICO courses designed to equip candidates with the skills and knowledge they need to excel in their careers. Our SAP accounting course cover everything from the fundamentals of SAP FICO to advanced topics such as financial statement analysis and management reporting. We use state-of-the-art technology and innovative teaching methods to ensure candidates get the best training experience. With Entri, you can rest assured that you will be well-prepared to take on any challenge in the SAP FICO field.

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Needed Skills

Access the key SAP FICO skills set forth below!

SAP FICO - Job Roles

The following are the job roles and responsibilities after computing the Entri Elevate SAP FICO Course.

Junior/ Senior Consultant

A SAP Consultant specializes in implementing and maintaining SAP software solutions for businesses, analyze business requirements, design and develop SAP modules, configure and test SAP systems, provide user support, and resolving technical issues.

Accounts Payable Analyst

A financial professional is responsible for managing the accounts payable process. Their job responsibilities involve invoice processing, payment processing, vendor management, reconciliation, reporting, compliance, and payment processing improvement.

Financial Analyst

Accesses the financial performance of a company or organization, including financial modeling, performance analysis, industry research, investment analysis, valuation, risk management, and many more, to provide recommendations and insights to stakeholders.

Project Manager

A professional responsible for leading and managing projects from initiation to completion. They ensure that the project is delivered on time, within budget, and according to specified scope and quality standards.


A professional responsible for financial management including recording financial transactions, analysis of financial data, preparing statements, tax planning, auditing, budgeting and forecasting etc.

Senior Finance Manager

Responsible for financial operations and strategies of a company or organization, including financial planning, analysis, reporting, leadership responsibilities, and risk management.

BI and Reporting Professional

Specialists focus on data gathering, analysis, report generation, dashboard development, data visualization, and performance monitoring to provide actionable insights within an organization.

Data Analyst

Collect, process, and analyze data to find insights, trends, and patterns that can inform decision-making and solve business problems.


The curriculum is designed to help you learn the skills required to become a successful professional.


SAP FICO vs SAP MM : Which Is Right For You?

SAP FICO, stands for “Financial Accounting and Controlling,” and SAP MM, stands for “Materials Management,” are two of the most famous modules that compose the SAP ecosystem. Both are essential to the management of an organization’s activities.

Top 10 Sap Fico Consultant Skills for Your Resume

The most essential abilities for a SAP Fico consultant are listed below. In order to determine which abilities are the most valuable for a sap fico consultant, we ranked them according to the percentage of resumes that they appeared on.

Top 35+ Most Asked SAP Fico Interview Question and Answer

Basic SAP FICO knowledge regarding its usage, elements, code, operations, and important terms is a must for freshers. Following are some of the most commonly asked SAP FICO interview questions.

Top SAP modules in demand in 2024

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll navigate through the intricacies of the top SAP modules. Each of these SAP modules plays a pivotal role in different aspects of organizational operations and strategy.

Entri Elevate SAP FICO Eligibility


Graduates preferably with a background in Finance, Accounting, or Business Administration are typically more aligned with SAP FICO roles.


Professionals with MBA, CA, or equivalent degrees in finance-related fields find it easier to understand and implement SAP FICO concepts


Anyone who wants to learn SAP S4 HANA FICO configuration End-user Activities, implementation in detail.


SAP Users who want to extend their knowledge to configure to become SAP FICO.


Any ERP Consultants who want to learn SAP FICO configuration and implementation.

Why live sessions?

Live Sessions

Interactive learning experience

Live sessions offer interactive learning opportunities instantly between mentors and learners, making meaningful connections, understanding, and engaging learning environments.

Dynamic Discussions

Provide a space for dynamic discussions among learners and instructors, allowing for knowledge exchange and collective problem-solving.

Hands-on Practice

Learners can access live demonstrations and exercises and gain hands-on experience on theoretical experiences.

Live Q&A Sessions

It will enable students to address and clarify specific queries and challenges encountered in their learning process

Instant Support

Learners will get immediate technical and theoretical support, ensuring a smooth learning experience.

SAP FICO Prerequisites

For candidates interested in pursuing Entri Elevate SAP FICO Course, here are a few prerequisites to consider.

Basic Accounting Knowledge

Knowledge on accounting principles and fundamentals such as debits, credits, financial statements and many more.

Computer Literacy

Proficiency in using computers, including navigation software interfaces, managing files, and basic office applications.

Knowledge of Excel

Familiarity with Microsoft Excel, including spreadsheet creation, data entry operations, formula usage, and analysis skills.

Data Analytical Skills

Analytical skills to interpret data, identify trends, and make informed decisions.

Industry Expert Mentors

Reshape your financial future with our industry expert mentors: Meet our team!

SAP FICO Certification FAQs

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Entri Elevate SAP FICO certification is highly valued by employers, especially those who use SAP ERP systems for financial process and management.

It is a qualification credential awarded to individuals who demonstrate their proficiency in SAP FICO by completing the Entri Elevate SAP FICO course.

The certification validates your skills and knowledge in financial accounting and controlling using SAP software, enhancing your career possibilities in finance and accounting.

You will receive the certificate upon completion of the 3-month course.

Key Learning Outcomes

SAP S/4HANA Configuration

The course will help students learn and comprehend all of the steps required to configure SAP S/4HANA Finance and Controlling with End-User workflows for any firm.

Advanced SAP FICO

After completing this course, students will be able to identify and assess any organization's business requirements for the Record to Report process cycle and design SAP S4 HANA FICO accordingly.

Live Sessions

SAP FICO : Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. You will get a valid and approved course completion certificate after the successful completion of the SAP FICO training course at Entri. Entri’s SAP FICO training course will equip you to upgrade your SAP skills to advance in your SAP career.

Yes. Those learners who have graduated in Finance, Accounting, or Business Administration can get aligned easily with SAP FICO roles. Along with the graduates, the professionals with CA, MBA or any equivalent degrees in finance fields can also join Entri’s SAP FICO training to advance in their SAP career.

The duration of SAP FICO course is 3 months after which you would get certification of completion which would elevate your resume.

Yes. You can attend Entri’s SAP FICO training course after attending the free demo session. You can experience personalized learning sessions with the experienced mentors at Entri.

Entri’s SAP FICO training course covers the SAP FI and SAP CO curriculum from fundamentals to the advanced level. Entri’s SAP FICO training course will help you to get placed in top-notch companies with high profiles. The perks of joining Entri’s training course include recorded classes, assessments, mentorship, Live Classes, Placement Assistance, Certification and Practical Training.

Yes. You will get placement assistance once you join the course. The team will support you throughout the recruitment procedures starting from the preparation of the resume along with the interview preparation.

Yes. The SAP FICO course training is provided in the native language to learn the nuances of the SAP FICO. Entri also provides courses in different languages including Hindi, Kannada, Telugu, English, and Tamil. The training will be provided in a stress-free and hassle-free environment. The learners will be encouraged to learn in a flexible space with Entri’s experts in the SAP field.

You can prepare for SAP FICO Certification through online courses, study materials, exercises, question paper workout, technical practices and many more.

Advantages of Learning SAP FICO

High demand for SAP professionals Icon

High demand for SAP professionals

SAP expertise is in high demand across industries globally in manufacturing, healthcare, retail, and many others.

Competitive advantage Icon

Competitive advantage

Including SAP skills on your resume can provide you with a significant competitive edge over other job candidates.

Career development and growth  Icon

Career development and growth

SAP expertise can lead to career growth beyond the initial job.

Future-proof skills  Icon

Future-proof skills

SAP skills are essential to stay relevant in today's job market as SAP constantly evolves.

Career Support


Get mentored by experts in relevant fields and receive personalized feedback for better career guidance.


Obtain specific, personalized inputs on your resume structure and content


Be it your resume, build your profile with hands-on sessions


Provides SAP FICO Course with placement assistance offering a holistic learning experience for aspiring professionals.

Who Can Apply for SAP Finance & Controlling?

  • Students
  • Freshers
  • Professionals
  • Job Seekers
  • Freelancers
  • Part Time Workers
  • Unemployed
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