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Overview of Python Programming Course

Entri offers a comprehensive Python Programming Course designed to provide learners with a solid foundation in Python programming, from basic concepts to more advanced topics. The course is delivered through a user-friendly app, which allows learners to access the course materials at their own pace and convenience. The Entri Python programming course covers topics including data types, control structures, functions, modules, and file handling, among others. Besides, the course includes practical projects and assignments that enable learners to apply their knowledge and skills to real-world experiences.

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Skills Covered

Below are the skills you’ll gain by undertaking our Python programming course:

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Tools Covered

Illuminate the path to insights! Learn Python and Django with these necessary tools!

Python Programming Job Roles

Given below are the career opportunities following the completion of Our Python Programming Course

Software Developer

Design, code, and maintain software applications using Python.

Web Developer

Develop web applications and websites using Python frameworks like Django or Flask

Full-Stack Developer

Build both frontend and backend components of web applications using Python along with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Python Django Developer

Specializes in using Python Django to build many types of websites, including Content Management Systems, social media platforms, and wikis.

Data Analyst

Analyze data using Python libraries like Pandas, NumPy, and Matplotlib to derive insights.

DevOps Engineer

Use Python for automation, configuration management, and deployment tasks in a DevOps environment.

Machine Learning Engineer

Develop machine learning models and algorithms using Python libraries such as TensorFlow, Keras, or PyTorch

Quality Assurance Engineer

Automate testing processes using Python frameworks like Selenium for web applications or PyTest for general testing.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) Engineer

Build NLP applications for tasks like sentiment analysis, language translation, and chatbots using Python libraries like NLTK or spaCy.

Web Scraping Expert

Develop and maintain web scraping programs and scripts to gather data from various web pages. Manage and analyze data sets obtained through web scraping, ensuring accuracy and quality


The curriculum is designed to help you learn the skills required to become a successful professional.

  • Introduction and installation of Python
  • Variables in python
  • Data types in python
  • In App Quiz
  • Problem oriented explanation on operators
  • Soft Skills
  • Hands on Assignment

  • Control structures the if elif else statement
  • Control structures for loop
  • Control structures while loop
  • Loops
  • Getting familiar with control structures(Loops)
  • Printing greatest of three numbers
  • How to print a pyramid of stars using python- Part1
  • the usage of control structures in problem solving
  • How to print a pyramid of stars using python part 2
  • if elif statement
  • write a program to print all the even numbers in range 1000

  • Python Functions
  • Lambda functions
  • Functions and modules
  • Programming using different types of Python functions
  • Program to filter out any odd numbers from the list
  • Recursion Functions
  • Python modules
  • in app Quiz
  • Creating and Importing modules(creating a module with a set if usefull functions in it and documenting it in pip )
  • student version Create a module in python (make your own module with a set of use full functions document it on pip)

  • Introduction to Django web framework
  • Django Installation
  • In App Quiz
  • Virtual Environment setup and Creating Django Project
  • Creating Django Project and App
  • Understanding the significance of project files
  • In App Quiz
  • URL mapping and Printing a simple text on the local serve
  • Hands on Assignment

  • Object-oriented programming (OOP) concepts in Python
  • Advanced OOPs Concepts- Part 1
  • Advanced OOPs Concepts- Part 2
  • Advanced OOPs Concepts- Part 3
  • In app Quiz
  • Creating a class and object with class and instance attributes and About Advanced OOPs concepts
  • Hands on Assesement(in live class)
  • Advanced OOPs Concepts - Part 4
  • Advanced OOPs Concepts - Part 5
  • Advanced OOPs Concepts - Part 6
  • Advanced OOPs Concepts - Part 7
  • In app Quiz
  • Inheritance,Polymorphism and Data Abstraction
  • Hands on Assesement(in live class)

Build a Django Web Application:- An Ecommerce - Shopping Cart using start project command, create an App inside the project perform the required configurations in the settings file, and run the project on local serve

  • Introduction to Web Development Concepts
  • Introduction to HTTP
  • in app Quiz
  • Introduction to Web Servers
  • Research and write a short essay (300-500 words) on the importance of HTTP in web development
  • Introduction to Client-Server Architecture
  • In app Quiz
  • Web Development Best Practices
  • URLs (Uniform Resource Locators)

  • Introduction to HTML
  • HTML tags
  • front end developement first web page
  • create a webpage for your first bussines
  • Introduction to CSS
  • Introduction to JavaScript
  • in app Quiz
  • Building a Web Page with HTML/CSS/JavaScript
  • First webpage

  • URLs and Views
  • URL Configuration and Mapping
  • Introduction to templates - Part 1
  • In App Quiz
  • Multiple Views, Explanation on setting up URLS and Mapping with views created
  • Hands on assignment(in live class) to be submitted before next live session
  • Introduction to templates - Part 2
  • Template Variables and Tags
  • Template Inheritance
  • In app Quiz
  • Detailed explanation on variables, tags, filters
  • Hands on Assignment(in live class) to be submitted before next live session.
  • Soft Skills
  • Interview Preparation

Work with the ECommerce Shopping Cart Project built and create Django Model forms for the Product Model Fields like Name, Price, etc and connect the created Form with the model created . The model fields should be displayed on a template using a Django view.

  • Understanding HTTP and HTTPS
  • Handling Requests
  • Processing Responses
  • in app Quiz
  • What is a Relational Databas
  • Creating relations
  • SQL Basics
  • SQL Commands part 1
  • SQL Commands part 2
  • Accesing data base using python
  • in app Quiz
  • Project with database to store data
  • Python project with a database that manages a library system

  • Django MVC-MVT Pattern
  • Introduction to Django Models
  • In app Quiz
  • Model Fields continuing
  • Hands on Assignment(in live class) to be submitted before next live session
  • Database Connection
  • Database Migration
  • In App Quiz
  • Detailed explanation on Database connection
  • Hands on Assignment(in live class) to be submitted before next live session

  • Overview on User Authentication & Authorization
  • Creating the project and Creating Users
  • In app Quiz
  • Authenticating Use
  • Hands on assignment(in live class) to be submitted before next live session
  • Make the user log in
  • Redirecting to Success Page and Logging out
  • In app Quiz
  • Discussion on Logging in, Redirection and logging out
  • Hands on assignment(in live class) to be submitted before next live session

  • Django ORM
  • Model Relationships
  • In app Quiz
  • Discussion on Relationships with practical examples
  • Explain Model Relationships with practical examples
  • Django Admin Interface
  • In app Quiz
  • Admin panel Setup and database migration
  • Hands on assignment(in live class) to be submitted before next live session

  • Introduction to Django Forms
  • Rendering the Django Forms with template
  • In app Quiz
  • Detailed explanation on Using Forms, Creating and Rendering to template
  • Hands on Assignment(in live class) to be submitted before next live session
  • Django Model Forms-Create, Render and Save
  • Django Model Forms- Meta, Inheritance
  • In App Quiz
  • Discussion on Model forms, Creating,Displaying and using Meta class
  • Hands on assignment(in live class) to be submitted before next live session

Apply the Model Relationships explained for the ECommerce Shopping Cart created to arrange the products display as Category and sub category wise.. For eg: Products-Category(Electronics, Grocery, Clothing)...>Subcategory(Mobile, Laptop,etc for Electronics, Shirts, kurtas,etc for clothing and soon)

  • Introduction to Decorators
  • Built in decorators in Python
  • Creating Custom Decorators
  • decorators
  • Decorators and generators
  • creating Custom Decorators
  • Python Generator Functions
  • Create Generator in Python
  • in app quiz
  • Introduction to Generators usage in problem
  • code using generator

  • Introduction to Regular Expressions
  • Matching Patterns
  • in app quiz
  • regular expressions usage in problem
  • problem based of regex
  • Grouping and Capturing
  • in app quiz
  • Pattern Matching and Search:

  • Types of Python Errors
  • Basic Debugging Techniques
  • in app quiz
  • Exception handling of runtime errors
  • debug a code
  • handling errors and exeptions part 1
  • handling errors and exeptions part 2
  • Unit testing(python)
  • try-except blocks

  • Data Structures
  • Data structures and its types
  • Data Structures
  • Implimentation of data structures and its operations part 1
  • linked list functions
  • Hash Tables Stacks and Queues
  • Trees and Graphs Heaps and Linked List
  • in app quiz
  • implimentation of data structures and its
  • operations part 2
  • write a program to explain any of the data structure and its use cases

Implement a binary search tree data structure using a Python class. The tree should have methods for inserting nodes, deleting nodes, and searching for nodes.

  • Introduction to Django Testing and Types of Testing
  • Unit Testing - URL Testing using Client instance method
  • URL Testing using Reverse and Resolve Methods
  • In app Quiz
  • Django Unit testing continuing
  • Hands on assignment
  • Testing Django Views
  • Testing Django Models
  • Debugging Django Application
  • In app Quiz
  • Discussion on Debugging toolbar

  • Introduction- Building REST APIs with Django REST Framework
  • DRF - Models and Serializers- Part 1
  • In app Quiz
  • Introduction and installation of REST framework
  • Hands on Assignment in the live class to be submitted before the next live session
  • DRF - Models and Serializers- Part 2
  • DRF - URL Configuration and Router Setup
  • In app Quiz

  • Introduction to Celery
  • Installation of RabbitMQ on Windows
  • In app Quiz
  • Create a Celery Project and Create a task
  • Develop an application with Django and celery
  • Sending email application continued
  • In app Quiz
  • Executing the task file created
  • Hands on Assignment in the live class to be submitted before the next live session

  • Introduction to Caching
  • Installation of Redis/ memurai and connecting with django
  • In app Quiz
  • Installation of Redis/ memurai continuing
  • Implementing Caching
  • Caching a View
  • In app Quiz
  • Caching A template fragment

  • Ways to deploy a website
  • free hosting providers
  • in app quiz
  • Heroku Basics
  • create a free hosting account
  • Configuring Your Django Project
  • Setting Up a Database
  • Debugging and Troubleshooting
  • in app quiz
  • Deploying Your Django App
  • GIT

Create a free account in any of the hosting providers (heroku prefered) and deploy your e-com website

Week 1: Simple Calculator
Week 2: Bank Account Simulator
Week 3: Text Adventure Game
Week 4: To-Do List Manager
Week 5: Simple Blog
Week 6: User Authentication System
Week 7: E-commerce Website
Week 8: Forum Application
Week 9: Chat Application
Week 10: Testing a Django Application
Week 11: RESTful API for a Blog Application
Week 12: E-commerce Application with Payment Gateway Integration
Week 13: Celery Task for Background Processing
Week 14: Social Media Application with Integration of Social Media APIs
Week 15: Real-time Notification System
Week 16: Real-time Data Visualization Application
Week 17: Real-time Game with Django Channels
Week 18: Machine Learning Model Deployment with Django
Week 19: Deploying a Django Application on Cloud Services
Week 20: Final Project Planning and Design
Week 21-24: Final Project Implementation
Week 25: Final Project Presentation and Demo


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Eligibility / Pre-requisities

There is no specific age limit/educational background required. However, a basic understanding of mathematics, statistics, and programming can be beneficial.

Problem-Solving Skills icon

Problem-Solving Skills

Ability to approach problems methodically and find solutions.

Basic Mathematical skills icon

Basic Mathematical skills

Basic arithmetic operations, understanding of variables, and algebraic expressions.

Basic Understanding algorithms icon

Basic Understanding algorithms

Understanding of common algorithms like searching and sorting

Logical Thinking icon

Logical Thinking

Being able to Analyze and evaluate a problem and then come up with a sensible solutions

Critical thinking icon

Critical thinking

Ability to evaluate different solutions and choose the most appropriate one.

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Taking part in live sessions of the Entri Elevate Python Programming Course offers several benefits.

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In real time, live sessions facilitate interactions between students and instructors, fostering a sense of community and fostering an atmosphere conducive to asking questions, getting feedback, and picking up knowledge from others.

Increased Engagement

Engage participants directly, respond to inquiries promptly, and provide a more dynamic learning environment.

Collaborative Learning

Live classes facilitate collaborative learning experiences where students can learn from each other's perspectives and experiences.

Immediate Troubleshooting

Students can receive assistance with debugging and problem-solving during live coding sessions

Demonstration of Best Practices

Instructors can demonstrate industry best practices and coding standards in real time.

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Key Learning Outcomes from the Python Programming Course

The key Learning Outcome from the "Entri Elevate Python Programming " course are as follows

Python Basics

Understanding the fundamentals of Python programming language.

Object-Oriented Programming

Mastering the concepts of OOP and applying them in Python.

Advanced Python

Learning advanced Python concepts and libraries to write efficient and optimized code Introduction to Django.

Views and URL Configuration

Building views and URLs for a Django application

Forms and User Input

Handling user input in a Django application.

Django Templates and Static Files

Creating templates for a Django application and managing static files

Django Middleware and Context Processors

Implementing middleware and context processors in a Django application.

Django Testing

Writing tests for a Django application

Live Sessions

Frequently Asked Question about Python Programming Course

Python is a popular high-level programming language used for developing a wide range of applications, from web applications and game development to data analysis and machine learning.

Some of the primary benefits of learning Python are its readability, simplicity, versatility, and breadth of applications. This enables you to learn Python quickly and find a well-paying job in various sectors of the IT industry.

Along with fundamentals and detailed study materials, you will be introduced to new projects and real-world experiments with programming. If you are searching for the best python online course, this is it.

  • Introduction to Python programming language
  • Objects-Oriented Programming with Python
  • Advanced Python
  • Introduction to Django
  • Views and & URL Configuration
  • Django Signals and Caching
  • Django Projects
  • Django Channels Optional Advanced Module
  • Django Deployment
  • Introduction to Web Scraping
  • Data Analysis with Pandas
  • Data Visualization with Matplotlib and Seaborn
  • Machine Learning with Scikit-Learn

Yes, learn Python Programming to easily get placed into a top company with the hiring partners Entri Elevate holds. Entri provides lifelong placement assistance and guaranteed internship to stabilise your career.

Of course! The Python programming course is designed in a way to accommodate beginners as well. The session covers the basic concepts/fundamentals of advanced programming. Learn python online today!

Yes. Choose to attend the videos and access the study materials at your convenience time and space without any limits in this python course.

No, Python is considered beginner-friendly, and it's frequently suggested as an ideal starting programming language because of its simplicity and ease of reading.

You have the option to compose Python code with a basic text editor, but leveraging an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) such as PyCharm, Visual Studio Code, or Jupyter Notebook can significantly boost your efficiency and workflow.

Yes, Python skills are in high demand in various industries, including web development, data science, machine learning, and automation. Learning Python can open up a wide range of job opportunities.

You can practice Python by working on projects like web development (using frameworks like Django or Flask), data analysis (with libraries like Pandas), automation scripts, games, or even machine learning projects

Advantages of Learning Entri's Python Programming Course

Elevate Learning Experience

Interactive Learning Icon

Interactive Learning

Entri’s Python programming courses often incorporate interactive exercises, quizzes, and projects to engage learners and reinforce learning.

Immediate Feedback Icon

Immediate Feedback

Learners receive immediate feedback on quizzes, exercises, and assignments, facilitating faster learning and comprehension

Project Assistance Icon

Project Assistance

Provide personalized support and guidance for students throughout their projects, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience.

Practical Training Icon

Practical Training

Enable students to gain hands-on experience in developing their abilities in database management, deployment techniques, front-end and back-end programming and more

Expert Instruction Icon

Expert Instruction

Entri Elevate Python programming courses are taught by experienced instructors and industry professionals who provide expert guidance and support throughout the learning process.

Career Support

Personalized Industry Mentorship Icon

Personalized Industry Mentorship

Get mentored by an experienced expert and receive personalized feedback for better career guidance

Resume Review Icon

Resume Review

Obtain specific, personalized inputs on your resume structure and content

Live profile-building workshops Icon

Live profile-building workshops

Be it your resume, GitHub build your profile with hands-on sessions

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Live soft skill training

Participants will get additional soft skills training for aiding post training placement assistance.

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Live coding challenges

Participants can improve their competency in coding skills and communication skills.

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