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Quantity Surveying Course in Hyderabad

Join our premier Quantity Surveying course in Hyderabad. Master measurement, estimating, cost control, and contract administration with expert guidance. Access interactive content anytime, anywhere. Available in Telugu, Malayalam and Tamil.

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Quantity Survey Course Overview

Our Quantity Surveying course in Hyderabad offers comprehensive training with live recorded classes, covering measurement, estimating, cost control, and contract administration. Get personalized guidance from experts, access course materials anytime, and benefit from placement assistance.

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Live & Recorded Session

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Experienced QS Leaders in India & Middle East

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Live projects based on International Standards

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Expert Guidance

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Skills Covered

Master Essential Skills for a Successful Career in Quantity Surveying

Quantity Surveying Job Roles

Dive deep into the diverse roles available after completing your Quantity Surveyor course!

Quantity Surveyor

Responsible for managing all aspects of the costing and financial management of construction projects, from inception to completion.


As estimators, calculate the cost of materials, labor, and equipment for construction projects. They consider site conditions, project complexity, and market rates to provide accurate estimates that determine project budgets.

Cost Planner

Cost planners create detailed construction project cost plans by analyzing labor, materials, and overheads. They collaborate with the design team to ensure financial feasibility and alignment with budgets. They also monitor and adjust expenses throughout the project.

Contract Administrator

Contract administrators manage contracts between clients, contractors, and suppliers. They ensure contract terms are met, monitor project scope changes, handle disputes, and ensure compliance with contractual obligations.

Budget Manager

Quantity surveyors oversee project budgets in collaboration with project managers. They track and adjust costs to keep projects within allocated budgets, ensuring financial efficiency and adherence to financial plans.

Procurement Specialist

Quantity surveyors procure materials, equipment, and services for construction projects. They negotiate with suppliers, secure competitive deals, and ensure timely delivery of goods and services to support project timelines and budget constraints.


The curriculum is designed to help you learn the skills required to become a successful professional.


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Eligibility Criteria of Quantity Surveying

Enrollment is open to individuals with a background in civil engineering, construction management, or related fields. Proficiency in mathematics and computer skills are advantageous.

Prerequisites of Quantity Surveying

Before diving into a Quantity Surveying course, beginners should ideally have a strong foundation in certain subjects. Here are some prerequisites:

Civil Background icon

Civil Background

Background in quantity surveying, construction management, or related fields.

Technical and Analytical Skills icon

Technical and Analytical Skills

Proficiency in mathematics, computer software, and strong attention to detail.

Practical Knowledge icon

Practical Knowledge

Understanding of construction industry practices and building codes is beneficial.

Industry Expert Faculty

Our instructors are experienced industry experts in quantity surveying, committed to offering expert guidance and practical skills for real-world application.

Quantity Surveyor Course Certification

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Key Learning Outcomes

Skills Mastery

Acquire essential skills for success in quantity surveying.

Cost Estimation

Learn to accurately estimate project costs and manage budgets.

Project Management

Develop communication and management skills for effective project oversight.

Live Sessions

FAQs of Quantity Surveying Course

Anyone with a background in civil engineering or related fields can apply.

You'll learn cost estimation, project management, and contract administration.

Yes, we offer live sessions for interactive learning and real-time support.

It equips you with industry-relevant skills and enhances job opportunities.

Yes, we offer placement support to help you secure job opportunities.

Yes, you'll have access to course materials for future reference.

Advantages of Learning Quantity Surveying From Entri

Elevate Learning Experience

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Student Support

Get personalized guidance and help throughout your learning.

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Industry Networking

Connect with professionals for valuable contacts and opportunities.

Career Support

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Career Guidance

Receive expert advice to navigate career paths and goals.

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Live Profile Building

Create a professional profile with live sessions and support.

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