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Oil and Gas Course Overview

The Oil and Gas Industry is one of the largest industrial sectors in India and the world. One of the biggest industrial sectors in the globe, as well as in India, is the oil and gas industry. One sector where a nation's economy has a significant influence is oil and gas. In a nation such as India, it is among the fastest-growing industries. My career in oil and gas, renewable energy, and other related fields in India and outside would be much enhanced by this education. You might also additionally pursue the training in conjunction with your modern-day activity or at the same time as a Fresher. The industries of oil and gas are numerous in the manner they work, imparting numerous possibilities and perks to people with the precise academic requirements and expert talents required.

Training by Industry Professionals Icon

Training by Industry Professionals

Self-Paced Learning in Native Language (Malayalam) Icon

Self-Paced Learning in Native Language (Malayalam)

Live Projects Icon

Live Projects

Job-Oriented Curriculum Icon

Job-Oriented Curriculum

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Full Time Assignment Support Team

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Soft Skill Sessions

Skills Covered

If you want to be successful in the fields of oil and Gas industry, these are the skills that you need to possess.

Job Roles

Here's a list of common job roles in the oil and gas field along with brief descriptions of each

Field Engineer

The expert responsible for overseeing work schedules and technical operations is the field engineer. They evaluate equipment for workplace efficiency and make sure the customer is compliant with engineering projects.

Field Specialist

Field specialists advise fluid service representatives on corporate goods and services, how drilling fluid technology may improve service quality, industry expertise, rig scheduling, and rig operations, among other things. They also assist in organizing formal training sessions for these representatives.

Oil Cargo Inspector

An impartial evaluation of the amount and quality of commodities, such as crude oil, petroleum products, petrochemicals, and petroleum gasses, is the responsibility of an oil cargo inspector. In order to finish the computations and provide correct reporting to the client, you will sample the cargo and collect measurements.

Hydrocarbon Lab Analyst

Hydrocarbon lab analyst maintains product integrity and quality control by analyzing samples of natural gas, refined products, and crude oil. They carefully adhere to established protocols in order to ascertain the chemical and physical characteristics, recognize impurities, and guarantee adherence to industry standards.

Bunker Quantity Surveyor

Verifies the accuracy of the tank reference heights by comparing them with the calibration tables and collects temperature readings and physical measurements of all fuel tanks on board.


Roustabout duties include maintaining equipment, unloading supplies, working on oil and gas rigs, and assisting the drilling team with jobs.


The curriculum is designed to help you learn the skills required to become a successful professional.


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How to Start a Career in Oil and Gas Industry – Best possible ways!

The oil and gas career is thriving, and possibilities abound for those willing to work hard and take advantage of them. In order to prepare yourself for a career in this fascinating field, there are a few things you need to do.

Oil Refineries in India

An oil refinery, commonly known as a petroleum refinery is an industrial process plant where crude oil is converted and refined into useful products such as petroleum naphtha, diesel fuel, gasoline, asphalt base, kerosene, heating oil, jet fuel, liquefied petroleum gas, and fuel oils.

Field Engineer in Oil and Gas – Skills and Salary

Field Engineer in Oil and gas assist with the new equipment’s installation. Investigate and troubleshoot any issues that come up. Create solutions to issues with assurance and in a reasonable amount of time.

Mining Vs Oil and Gas Industry: Key Differences and Similarities

Mining and oil and gas industries are currently one of the major industries in the world. They are the world’s primary fuel sources. There are significant differences and similarities between the two industries. Let us delve into the details of mining vs oil and gas industry.

Eligibility Criteria of Oil and Gas Course

ITI, a diploma, or a BTech is the minimum requirement to enroll in the course. The applicants with a Bachelor of Technology or Bachelor of Engineering degree in Mechanical Engineering or Electrical Engineering, or a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering or Electrical Engineering, are the most qualified.

If your qualification is a +2 or any other graduation, don't worry. Our faculty members are able to explain things to you and qualify you in every way.

Pre-requisites of Oil and Gas Course

Here's a list of prerequisites for an oil and gas course along with descriptions for each:

Strong Analytical and Problem-Solving Skills icon

Strong Analytical and Problem-Solving Skills

In the oil and gas industry, these abilities are crucial for diagnosing problems and making wise judgments.

Ability to Work in A Team Environment icon

Ability to Work in A Team Environment

Working together with other experts like engineers, geologists, and technicians is a common part of many employment in the oil and gas industry.

Good Communication Skills icon

Good Communication Skills

To explain information succinctly and clearly, one must be able to communicate both orally and in writing.

Basic Understanding of Engineering Principles icon

Basic Understanding of Engineering Principles

Grasp the machinery and procedures utilized in the oil and gas sector may be aided by having a basic grasp of mechanical, chemical, and petroleum engineering concepts.

Familiarity with Oil and Gas Terminology icon

Familiarity with Oil and Gas Terminology

Understanding industry-specific terminology will make it easier for you to follow lectures, discussions, and course materials.

Proficiency in Using Industry-Standard Software icon

Proficiency in Using Industry-Standard Software

Experience with a particular piece of software used for data analysis, wellbore design, or reservoir modeling may be necessary for some courses.

Why Sessions?

Live Sessions

Real-time interaction

Facilitate interactions between students and instructors, foster a sense of community conducive to ask questions, get feedback, and pick up knowledge from others.

Increased Engagement

Engage participants directly, respond to inquiries promptly, and provide a more dynamic learning environment.

Flexible and Convenient

Participation is possible from any location with an internet connection, allowing learners to more easily integrate education into their hectic schedules.

Up-to-date information

Teachers can impart their knowledge on cutting-edge subjects and offer perceptions into current business practices.


Live sessions are more accessible to a wider audience due to their generally lower cost in comparison to traditional classroom-based training.

Our Expert Trainers

Learn how to maximize your potential in the workplace! Get the knowledge and abilities required to be successful in this industry by meeting the experts in our oil and gas course.

Oil and Gas Course Certificate

Courses Recognised by

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Frequently Asked Questions

The NSDC certificate is an official document issued by the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) in India. It is awarded to those who complete an approved training program or course. The certificate confirms an individual's skills and knowledge in a specific field or industry and is recognized by various employers.

The National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) offers a range of certification programs that have gained widespread recognition among employers in India. NSDC certificates are highly valued for their rigor and relevance and are designed to help individuals acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in the job market. By earning an NSDC certificate, individuals can demonstrate their commitment to professional development and enhance their employment prospects, making them more competitive and valuable in the job market.

Yes after the course completion you would receive a certificate.

Oil and Gas Course FAQs

Entri’s Oil and Gas course offers an opportunity for learners to learn in a stress-free space. You will get placement and internship assistance throughout the course. The learners can learn from industry specialists and be a part of prestigious real-life projects. The team will also equip you with all the concepts from fundamentals to the advanced level.

The oil and gas course is specially designed for engineers who are looking for a highly paid career opportunity in the field of the oil and gas industry. After the course completion, the learners can join the entry-level job options and move on to the higher options. The salary for a field engineer in India after the oil and gas course completion ranges between ₹ 1.4 Lakhs to ₹ 6.0 Lakhs. The salary and other perks for those who complete the oil and gas course are comparatively high. The live projects in the Middle East/ India provide opportunities for the learners to improve their knowledge in the oil and gas field.

Yes. The curriculum for the oil and gas course is prepared by experts in the field. The curriculum covers all the essential topics related to the field. The course curriculum is exclusively prepared by experienced hands to understand how to handle real-life situations. The expert mentors and trainers from the top industries will be guiding you to excel in the field of oil and gas industry.

Yes. After the course completion, you will be provided with the course completion certificate. You can apply for entry-level job positions which include, Roustabout, Field Engineer, Field Specialist, Bunker Quantity Surveyor, Oil cargo Inspector, and Hydrocarbon Lab Analyst. Better opportunities await you!

Yes. Placement support is part of Entri’s Oil and Gas Course. The Entri team will help you with the placement procedures. The experienced mentors will guide you with the tips and tricks to tackle the resume preparation and interview. The mock interview sessions are the perks of joining the course. Enthusiastic learners can find the best job opportunities in the top industries across the globe with the help of placement support at Entri.

Yes. An engineering background is preferred for those who desire to explore career opportunities in the oil and gas industry. If you wish to join the oil and gas course at Entri, you need to have a basic knowledge and familiarization with the oil and gas industry standards as it can help you in the long run. As a learner, you need to be thorough with the core engineering strategies. The basic skill set required to join Entri’s Oil and Gas Course includes the following criteria:

  • Engineering background preferred
  •  Healthy and fit for field work to enhance practical exposure
  • Understanding of Core Engineering Terminologies
  • Ability to create Documentation and Reporting
  • Familiarization with Oil and gas Industry standards

Advantages of Learning from Entri

Elevate Learning Experience

Top-notch coaching Icon

Top-notch coaching

Entri provides high quality education with expert mentor support and experienced trainers, ensuring students receive top guidance to build a career.

Personalised learning Icon

Personalised learning

Entri offers personalised attention and interactive sessions, ensuring effective learning through tailored guidance and active participation.

Student Support Icon

Student Support

Entri provides industry networking and internship and placement assistance offering a holistic learning experience for aspiring professionals.

Skill Development Icon

Skill Development

Entri provides project assistance, practical training, and group discussions, enabling users to gain practical skills and collaborate effectively

Career Support

Personalized Industry Mentorship Icon

Personalized Industry Mentorship

Get mentored by an experienced data science expert and receive personalized feedback for better career guidance

Resume Review Icon

Resume Review

Obtain specific, personalized inputs on your resume structure and content

Live profile-building workshops Icon

Live profile-building workshops

Be it your resume, GitHub, or Kaggle, build your profile with hands-on sessions

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