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Quantity Survey Course Overview

Entri is one of the best online apps that offers an extensive and interactive online course on quantity surveying. The course covers principles, methods, and techniques in quantity surveying, including measurement, estimating, cost control, and contract administration. We have a group of experts who provide personalized guidance and support to the learners. It also provides a user-friendly interface that enables learners to access the course material anytime, anywhere, at their convenience. We offer Quantity Surveying Course in Malayalam, Telugu and Tamil languages.

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Skills Covered

Let's explore the essential skills that a professional in quantity surveying should possess.

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Quantity Surveying Job Roles

What exactly does a quantity surveyor do? Let’s dive deeper into this job role!


Quantity surveyors, specifically estimators, calculate the cost of materials, labor, and equipment needed for a construction project. They consider site conditions, project complexity, and market rates to provide accurate cost estimates. These estimates determine the project budget and serve as a reference point throughout the construction process.

Cost Planner

Cost planners create a detailed construction project cost plan by analyzing various elements such as labor, materials, and overheads. They work with the design team to ensure financial feasibility and budget alignment. Additionally, cost planners monitor and adjust expenses throughout the project.

Contract Administrator

Contract administrators manage contracts between clients, contractors, and suppliers. They ensure that the contract terms are met and monitor project scope changes. They handle disputes and ensure compliance with the contract.

Budget Management

The quantity surveyor manages the project budget by working with the project manager. They track and adjust costs to keep the project within the allocated budget.


Quantity surveyors procure materials, equipment, and services for construction projects. They negotiate deals with suppliers and ensure timely delivery.


The curriculum is designed to help you learn the skills required to become a successful professional.

  • Basic tools of Excel
  • General and navigational shortcut keys of Excel
  • Editing and formatting shortcut keys of Excel
  • Basic formulas
  • Basics of AutoCAD
  • Basic AutoCAD tools
  • AutoCAD tool shortcut keys to manage workflow and drawings 
  • AutoCAD tools Toggle general features
  • Examples of structural and architectural drawing
  • Lineout and Levels
  • Assignment

  • Stakeholders
  • Construction components

  • Pre-construction phases
  • Construction phase
  • Handover phase

  • What is POMI
  • Principle of Measurement International overview
  • Assignment

  • Why BOQ is important 
  • What is BOQ
  • How to prepare BOQ 
  • Sections of BOQ as per POMI
  • Why is RFI (Request For Information) Important 
  • What is RFI 
  • Why is Finish Schedule important 
  • What is a Finish Schedule
  • Quantity take-off
  • BOQ preparation from PlanSwift Software

  • Types of Bills
  • What is an advance bill
  • When does an Advance bill prepare 
  • When Cash bills are prepared 
  • What is a final bill
  • What is RA Bill 
  • When RA Bill prepared 
  • Procedures for preparing RA bills 
  • Example for RA bills

  • Checking of Bills
  • Variations (Change Orders) and Extra Items
  • What are variations or change orders
  • A change order may include :
  • Valuation of change orders
  • Change orders may be valued by : 
  • Example for variations 
  • Extra work
  • Causes for extra work

  • What is tender 
  • Types of tendering
  • Tender Package
  • Tender event schedule
  • What is contract 
  • Types of contract

  • What is FIDIC
  • Objectives of FIDIC
  • Contractual laws by FIDIC

  • What is GCC
  • Important clauses
  • Why are general conditions useful
  • What is SCC
  • What is included in SCC
  • What is tender form 
  • Tender form examples

  • What is a work order?
  • Purpose of a work order
  • Types of work orders in construction
  • What is a Purchase order (PO)
  • When is a purchase order required 
  • Things to include in a construction PO

  • What is value engineering 
  • When should value engineering take place 
  • Methodology
  • Construction stage
  • Why is value engineering important

  • What is Project Scheduling
  • How to do Project Scheduling 
  • The benefits of effective Project Scheduling

  • What is Bar Bending Schedule (BBS) 
  • Why BBS is required
  • Preparation of BBS 
  • Common mistakes that happen during the preparation of BBS
  • Sample for BBS

Live projects in the middle east

Interactions with Snr. QS to understand the construction industry


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250+ Placements in 1 Year: Entri Quantity Survey Course

Entri Quantity Survey Course has managed to place over 250+ candidates in various well known companies in India and abroad within a span of 1 year. With the help of dedicated and experienced faculties along with their unbeatable strategies Entri has been able to achieve this position.

The Importance of Quantity Surveying in Cost Control

In the dynamic world of construction and project management, maintaining tight control over costs is a paramount concern for successful outcomes. Explore the significance of quantity surveying in maintaining cost control during construction projects.

Best Quantity Surveyor Courses in Kerala

A quantity surveyor (QS) is a specialist in the building sector who has in-depth knowledge of construction costs and contracts. Assisting with bids, project planning, and the filing of invoices to clients, quantity surveyors are also employed by contractors to value building work for the contractor.

Eligibility Criteria of Quantity Surveying

Individuals with a background in civil engineering are eligible to enroll in the quantity surveying course.

Civil Background icon

Civil Background

Knowledge in quantity surveying, construction management, or a related field

Technical and Analytical Skills icon

Technical and Analytical Skills

Proficiency in mathematics, computer software, and communication. A strong attention to detail and analytical skills are also necessary

Practical Knowledge icon

Practical Knowledge

A practical understanding in the construction industry and a thorough understanding of building codes and regulations can be beneficial.

Why Live Sessions?

What makes live sessions so beneficial? Let's dive in and explore the advantages

Live Sessions

Personalized experience

Live sessions are more personalized than pre-recorded videos. The host can customize the content and address participant questions, resulting in a deeper understanding of the topic and a better learning experience.

Convenience and flexibility

Live sessions offer convenience and flexibility. Attendees can join from anywhere, eliminating travel costs and time. They can also choose a time that suits their schedule, balancing personal and professional commitments.

Real-time interaction

Live sessions offer real-time interaction with the presenter, allowing you to ask questions and participate actively for a personalized learning experience.


Live sessions are cost-effective, reaching large audiences without incurring additional expenses. They're perfect for sharing expertise without breaking the bank.

Instant Feedback

Live sessions offer immediate feedback, and doubt clarification, and save time.

Industry Expert Faculty

Master Quantity Surveying with exceptional trainers. Enhance your skills and gain a competitive edge.

Quantity Surveyor Course Certification

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Frequently Asked Questions

The NSDC certificate is an official document issued by the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) in India. It is awarded to those who complete an approved training program or course. The certificate confirms an individual's skills and knowledge in a specific field or industry and is recognized by various employers. The NSDC offers training programs in healthcare, hospitality, construction, automotive, and other industries. Obtaining an NSDC certificate can enhance an individual's employability and career growth.

The National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) offers a range of certification programs that have gained widespread recognition among employers in India. NSDC certificates are highly valued for their rigor and relevance and are designed to help individuals acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in the job market. These certificates cover a broad range of industries, from hospitality and tourism to healthcare and manufacturing, and are recognized by leading companies and government organizations across the country. By earning an NSDC certificate, individuals can demonstrate their commitment to professional development and enhance their employment prospects, making them more competitive and valuable in the job market.

The certificate obtained from the Entri Elevate Quantity Surveyor course is recognized as a prestigious and valuable certificate, which holds equal importance to that of a certificate obtained from a traditional course. The course curriculum is specifically designed to provide in-depth knowledge and practical skills, making the certificate a valid proof of expertise in the field of Quantity Surveying. Additionally, the certificate from Entri Elevate is a testament to the learner's dedication towards continuous learning and professional development.

The certification course offered by Entri Elevate for Quantity Surveyors is a comprehensive program that spans over six months. During this period, students will receive in-depth training on various aspects of quantity surveying, including cost estimating, project management, and contract administration. The course also includes practical training and hands-on experience, ensuring that students are well-prepared for a career in the field. Upon successful completion of the course, students will receive a certification that will help them stand out in the job market and increase their chances of securing a well-paying job in the construction industry.

Yes, most employers recognize and value online courses as long as they are from reputable institutions. They understand that online learning offers a flexible and cost-effective way to acquire new skills. In fact, in some cases, employers may prefer candidates with online courses as it shows their ability to manage time and self-motivation.

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Key Learning Outcomes

Mastery of Skills

Equip students with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the field of quantity surveying.

Cost Estimation and Management

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to accurately estimate the cost of construction projects, manage project budgets, and ensure that projects are completed within the specified timeframe.

Project Management and Communication

Build the ability to effectively communicate with clients and stakeholders, analyze and interpret construction drawings and specifications, and apply principles of project management to real-world situations.

Live Sessions

FAQs of Quantity Surveying Course

A Quantity Surveyor is an expert who handles the costs and contracts involved in construction tasks. They are accountable for estimating project costs, creating project budgets, and ensuring that projects are completed within budget and on time

A Quantity Surveyor's duties include preparing cost estimates, conducting cost analysis, creating project budgets, managing contracts, and ensuring that projects are completed within budget and on time. They also work with other professionals, such as architects and engineers, to assure that projects are finished to the mandated standard.

Taking a Quantity Surveyor course can deliver you the knowledge and skills required to seek a career in this domain. You'll learn about cost estimating, project management, contract management, and other important skills that are essential for a Quantity Surveyor. You can effortlessly land a high-paying career both in India and abroad.

Quantity Surveyors can work in a variety of industries, including construction, engineering, and architecture. They may work for construction firms, consulting companies, or government agencies. Job positions may include Quantity Surveyor Cost Engineer Project Manager Contract Manager Planning Engineer Estimation Engineer Billing Engineer Procurement Engineer

Civil engineering graduates can join this course.

Yes, after the course completion, the candidates will get placement assistance and get a chance to work on live projects from the Middle East.

Studying quantity surveying's difficulty varies based on individual aptitude, dedication, and the program or institution. It entails understanding construction, project management, cost estimation, and contractual procedures, challenging for some but thriving for others. A strong background in mathematics, economics, or engineering can ease coursework, though diligence enables success without direct expertise. Program structures, theoretical or practical, influence difficulty; a balanced approach enhances accessibility.

Yes. Our courses are designed and taught by qualified professionals in the field, making them just as credible as traditional brick-and-mortar courses.

Advantages of Learning from Entri

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Flexibility and Convenience

Access lectures and course materials at your own pace, making it accessible for working professionals and busy individuals.

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Personalized Learning

Individual feedback to help identify strengths and weaknesses

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Access to Quality Study Material

Expert-created study material. Covers all topics and helps students understand concepts easily.

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Interactive Learning

Offers video lectures, quizzes, practice tests, and "Doubt Clearing" feature for instant doubt resolution.

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Cost-effective access to study materials, tests, and live classes for students who want quality education without overspending.

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User-Friendly Interface

Easy navigation and study materials in English and other languages, making it accessible to students of all ages and regions.

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Career Support

Offers career support to individuals seeking guidance and assistance in building their professional profile.

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