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Be Fluent in English | Master Interview Skills
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Live Sessions

Live Sessions

Conversational Lab

Conversational Lab

Accent Training

Accent Training

Quizzes & Tests

Quizzes & Tests

Doubt Clearing Session

Doubt Clearing Session

Whatsapp Group Support

Whatsapp Group Support

Course Certificate

Course Certificate

This Spoken English Course is for You!

This course is designed for students who want to improve their English language skills and gain confidence in speaking for academic and personal success.

This Spoken English Course is for You!

This course is designed for students who want to improve their English language skills and gain confidence in speaking for academic and personal success.

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Why Do Students Love Us?


This course was fun. There is a group chat for asking our questions and answering them. In addition, voice practice is conducted regularly in the group to improve our pronunciation. By the end of this course, I am confident that I will be able to speak English without fear in front of others

Sainul Ashid
Sainul Ashid

I am studying the Spoken English course on the Entri app. It is very helpful to me; the classes are easy and simple to understand. I lacked confidence in speaking English because I was not fluent. That's why I joined this course. Now I'm confident that I can speak English


I started my English journey with Entri English. I am happy with it because I improved my grammar and English fluency. The teaching methods are also entirely different. I am very thankful for these classes. 🥰

Spoken Engish Course for School Students - FAQs

Do you have any questions? Here are some frequently asked questions that we have answered

In today's world, English has become a universal language of communication. Command in spoken English is crucial for students to thrive in higher education and the professional world. It also flares up possibilities for them to study abroad, experience international programs, and widen their career opportunities.
Parents should consider a Spoken English course for their child as an investment in their future. With the increasing significance of English language skills in various domains, a command of spoken English will give their child a competitive edge in the job market. Moreover, it will raise their confidence, communication skills, and overall personality development.
Our Spoken English course for school-going students is designed to cater to learners of all levels, from beginner to advanced. The course includes live sessions with expert teachers, interactive activities, quizzes and tests, doubt-clearing sessions, and personalised attention to each student's progress. Our curriculum covers grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, and conversation practice. Upon completion of the course, students will receive a certificate of proficiency, which will serve as evidence of their English language skills.
The Spoken English course will aid school-going students to enhance their communication skills, enhance their vocabulary, and develop confidence in expressing themselves in English. They will also learn fundamental grammar rules, correct pronunciation, and effective techniques for discussion and public speaking. Moreover, the course will help them to establish a reliable basis for further studies and career possibilities in the future.
Yes, our Spoken English course is designed to cater to learners of all ages, from primary to high school. We have customised the course scope and teaching methods to meet the special needs and learning types of students in different age groups. Our teachers are qualified to handle students of all levels and provide individualised attention to each student's progress.

A brief of the course curriculum is provided below.




How to give your introduction?


Daily use of English sentences + Reading Activity


Story/video Based Activities


Helping verbs + Myself (Speaking with vocabulary & phrases)


Pronouns + Pronunciation practice


Debate with phrases used in debate


Parts of sentences + Talking about daily phrases


Describing Your City with Phrases + Listening


Group Discussion on simple topics

DAY 10

Reading News headlines + Stand-alone speech

DAY 11

Describing people and personality + On the spot speaking

DAY 12

Narrating stories in groups

DAY 13

Tenses (Present Tense)+ speaking & reading

DAY 14

Tenses (Past Tense) + Speaking + Listening

DAY 15

Tenses (Future Tense) + Speaking Activity

DAY 16

Vocabulary (Daily use of English sentences) + Listening Practice

DAY 17

Pronunciation practice + What’s your favourite sport?

DAY 18


DAY 19

Preposition + Extempore

DAY 20

Adjectives + Role play activity

DAY 21

Expressing Likes and Dislikes in the group

DAY 22

Modal verbs + Picture composition + Listening practice

DAY 23

Use of ‘has’, ‘have’, ‘had’ + Telephone conversation

DAY 24

My ambition in life - Group Speaking

Entri EVA, an AI-powered virtual assistant developed by Entri App, can serve as the perfect learning partner for your child. They can rely on EVA to clarify their doubts, assist them with their studies, homework, grammar issues, and anything related to spoken English.
Absolutely! Our Doubt Clearing Sessions are designed to provide you with the opportunity to interact with mentors and clarify any doubts or questions you may have.
Yes, we provide a course certificate upon successful completion of the program, which can be used to demonstrate your proficiency in spoken English.