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Online Software Testing Course in Kochi

Gain a competitive edge in Software Testing with our tailored course in Kochi. Master test design, analysis, and reporting techniques. Equip yourself with the tools to deliver flawless software solutions. Enroll today!

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Overview of Software Testing Course in Kochi

Discover the fundamental principles and practices of software testing through our specialized course in Kochi. Know contemporary testing methodologies, agile and DevOps integration, and automated and security testing. Gain practical training using industry-leading tools like Selenium and JMeter to ensure software quality and manage risks effectively. This course equips developers, QA specialists, and project managers with essential skills for delivering high-quality software solutions.

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Skills Covered

Through our software testing course, you can gain a variety of skills that are crucial for ensuring the quality and reliability . These are the key skills you will master:

Tools Covered

Illuminate the path to insights! Learn Software Testing with these necessary tools!

Software Testing Job Roles

After completing the Entri Elevate software testing course, you can explore various high-paying job opportunities in the tech industry. Here are some roles you might consider

Software Tester

Responsible for executing test cases, identifying defects, and ensuring software quality.

Test Engineer

Designs and executes test cases, identifies defects, and ensures the overall quality of software products.

Automation Test Engineer

Develops and maintains automated test scripts using tools like Selenium, Appium, or Robot Framework to improve testing efficiency.

Manual Tester

Conducts manual testing activities such as test case execution, defect reporting, and regression testing without relying on automated tools.

Performance Tester

Specializes in testing the performance and scalability of software applications under different load conditions.

Test Analyst

Analyzes testing requirements, designs test plans, and performs testing activities to validate software functionality.

Quality Analyst

Analyzes software requirements, designs test cases, and ensures that software products meet quality standards.

QA Tester

Conducts quality assurance activities including test planning, execution, and defect management to ensure software quality.


The curriculum is designed to help you learn the skills required to become a successful professional.

  • Types of Applications Principles of Software Testing
  • The Cost of Quality Software Quality Factors Roles & Goals of Software Tester
  • When should testing occur Error, Bug, Defect, Failure, Fault Scope of testing
  • SDLC
  • SDLC Models
  • SDLC Models - Agile
  • Review & Types
  • Risk & Types, RTM

  • Blackox Testing & Techniques
  • White Box Testing & Techniques
  • Levels of Testing
  • Levels of Testing & Gray Box Testing
  • Assignment
  • Web Testing
  • Functional Testing Types
  • Functional Testing Types (cont)
  • Non - Functional Testing Types
  • Non - Functional Testing Types (cont)
  • STLC
  • Bug life cycle
  • Test Monitoring, Test Control and Test Completion
  • Metrics used in Testing
  • Purpose, Content and Audience for Test Reports
  • Communicating the Status of Testing
  • Configuration Management
  • Estimation Techniques
  • Test Pyramid
  • Testing Quadrants
  • Checklist-Based Testing
  • Collaboration-based Test Approaches
  • Collaborative User Story Writing
  • Acceptance Criteria
  • Acceptance Test-driven Development (ATDD)

  • MySql introduction & Installation
  • MySql Data Types
  • MySql Basic Queries
  • MySql Basic Queries
  • Aggregate Functions
  • MySql Basic Queries
  • MySql Basic Queries
  • MySql Basic Queries
  • MySql Basic Queries
  • MySql Basic Queries
  • Constraints
  • Joins

  • Introduction to JAVA & Installation JDK,JRE, JVM
  • JAVA Basics
  • First Sample Program Data Types & Operators
  • Oops Concepts in JAVA
  • Introduction to Automation Testing Automation Testing Frameworks (e.g: Selenium, Appium, TestNG)
  • Setting up the Test Environment
  • Basic Automation Scripting Hands-On: Automate simple test cases

  • Introduction to Selenium Advantages & Disadvantages
  • Selenium Components Selenium Grid
  • Selenium IDE IDE – Record and Play in Selenium IDE
  • Installation of Eclipse Download selenium & browser drivers
  • Introduction to Automation Testing Automation Testing Frameworks (e.g.: Selenium, Appium, TestNG)
  • Selenium WebDriver Basics Locators (XPath, CSS, ID, etc.)
  • Selenium WebDriver Commands
  • Browser Commands
  • Drop down command
  • Xpath
  • Mouse hovering
  • Double Click & Right Click
  • Drag and drop
  • Wait commands
  • Screenshot capture in Selenium

  • Installation of TestNG Importance of TestNG Why do we use TestNG with Selenium
  • Annotation concept and different types Cross Browser Testing
  • TestNG Report

  • Maven – Introduction to maven Setting up of Maven in Windows and workspace
  • POM.XML & Project creation

  • Introduction Why Use Cucumber with Selenium

  • Testing using Gherkins BDD Framework with Cucumber POM.XML

  • Project in Cucumber

  • Introduction to Postman Download and install postman
  • API testing Request method

  • Introduction to JMeter Overview of Performance Testing
  • JMeter Workflow Components of JMeter
  • Building a Web Test Plan & HTML Report Generation

  • DevOps and Testing
  • Shift-Left Approach
  • Retrospectives and Process Improvement
  • Introduction to CI/CD
  • Jenkins and other CI tools
  • Test Automation in CI/CD pipeline

  • Introduction to JIRA Jira basics Jira Tool

  • Introduction Git installation

  • Repository creation in Github Commands in git MANUAL PROJECT

Eligibility / Pre-requisities

There is no specific age limit/educational background required. However, a basic understanding of mathematics and programming can be beneficial.

Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving Skills icon

Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving Skills

Ability to analyze problems logically and think critically to identify potential issues in software.

Basic Mathematical skills icon

Basic Mathematical skills

Basic arithmetic operations, understanding of variables, and algebraic expressions.

Basic Computer Skills icon

Basic Computer Skills

Proficiency in using computers, navigating operating systems (Windows, macOS, Linux), and basic file management.

Attention to Detail icon

Attention to Detail

Being meticulous in observing and documenting details during testing processes.

Curiosity and Eagerness to Learn: icon

Curiosity and Eagerness to Learn:

A mindset open to learning new tools, techniques, and methodologies in software testing.

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Why Live Sessions?

Live sessions are conducted in software testing courses for several important reasons:

Live Sessions

Live Interaction

Allow for real-time interaction between instructors and learners, fostering a dynamic learning environment where questions can be asked and answered immediately.

Clarification of Concepts

Complex testing concepts can be explained in detail, ensuring learners have a clear understanding through examples, demonstrations, and live discussions.

Hands-On Practice

It includes hands-on exercises or demonstrations where learners can practice testing techniques in real-time, guided by instructors.

Immediate Feedback

Instructors can provide immediate feedback on assignments, assessments, and questions raised during live sessions, helping learners improve their understanding and skills promptly.

Collaborative Learning

Live sessions facilitate peer-to-peer interaction, allowing learners to share insights, discuss challenges, and learn from each other's experiences.

Your Mentors

Learn Software Testing Concepts from from top-notch mentors

Software Testing Course Certificates

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Frequently Asked Questions

Illinois certification validates your proficiency and expertise across various industries. It can enhance your credibility and positively impact your career growth, earning potential, and professional fulfillment. Obtaining Illinois certification opens up opportunities for career advancement and high-paying jobs, bringing ample career opportunities and enhancing your professional success.

Illinois certification is best for IT freshers. This certification program provides comprehensive training and education on various aspects of IT, including programming languages, software development, database management, and more. Illinois certification helps freshers build a strong foundation in IT. It equips them with the necessary skills to succeed in their careers and to get better job opportunities with higher salaries.

Key Learning Outcomes from the Software Testing Course

The key Learning Outcome from the "Entri Elevate Testing course " course are as follows

Understanding Testing Fundamentals

Mastery of basic principles, terminology, and methodologies in software testing.

Test Planning and Documentation

Test Planning and Documentation

Test Execution Skills

Proficiency in executing tests manually and using automated testing tools.

Defect Management

Competence in identifying, reporting, and managing software defects.

Test Automation

Knowledge of test automation frameworks and tools for efficient testing.

Performance and Security Testing

Techniques for evaluating software performance and security vulnerabilities.

Live Sessions

Frequently Asked Question About Software Testing Course in Kochi

To begin a software testing course in Kochi, start by researching available options through reputable institutes or online platforms. Look for courses that offer comprehensive coverage of software testing methodologies, tools, and practical applications. Platforms like Entri provide online courses that you can join remotely, making it accessible regardless of your location.

Once you've identified a suitable course, enroll through their app or contact them directly to understand the enrollment process and course schedule. Be prepared to actively participate in classes, complete assignments, and seek practical experience through internships or hands-on projects to solidify your learning.

Yes, software testing courses are worth it for several reasons. Firstly, they equip you with essential skills that are highly sought after in the IT industry. Courses often provide certification upon completion, which enhances your resume and increases your chances of securing a job in software testing.

Besides, these courses offer practical knowledge of testing methodologies, automation tools, and quality assurance practices, which are crucial for ensuring software reliability and functionality. Networking opportunities through courses allow you to connect with industry professionals and potential employers, further enhancing your career prospects

The salary of a software testing engineer in Kochi varies based on factors such as experience, skills, and the specific employer. Generally, entry-level software testing engineers can expect to earn between ₹2.5 to ₹4 lakhs per annum. Mid-level professionals with 3-5 years of experience may earn around ₹5 to ₹8 lakhs per annum, while senior-level engineers with extensive experience and managerial roles can earn ₹10 lakhs and above annually.

Several prominent IT companies in Kochi actively recruit software testing professionals. Companies like Infosys, TCS (Tata Consultancy Services), UST Global, Wipro, Cognizant, and QBurst are known to hire for software testing roles.

Platforms like Entri, which offer software testing courses, often provide placement support for their students. They may assist in connecting students with potential employers through job placements, career fairs, or networking events. To explore current job opportunities, regularly check popular job portals such as Naukri, LinkedIn, and Glassdoor.

The course covers fundamentals of software testing, types of testing (like unit testing, integration testing, system testing, etc.), testing methodologies, tools used in testing, and practical application through hands-on projects.

Software testing course in Kochi by Entri Elevate is suitable for beginners who want to start their career in software testing, as well as professionals looking to enhance their skills in testing methodologies and tools.

The course is structured into modules, each covering different aspects of software testing. It includes video lectures, readings, quizzes, and practical assignments to reinforce learning

Yes, Entri offers a certificate of completion specific to Illinois, which validates your proficiency and expertise in software testing.

You can enroll in the course through the Entri app. Download and install Entri app, simply create an account with your mobile number, choose the software testing course, and follow the enrollment steps.

Yes, Entri app offers support through discussion groups, where you can interact with instructors and fellow learners to discuss course-related queries and issues.

Yes. Entri offers a 7 days preview of course materials or sample lectures to help you make an informed decision before enrolling. Download Entri app for more information on preview options.

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Advantages of Learning Entri's Elevate Software Testing Course

Elevate Learning Experience

Comprehensive Curriculum Icon

Comprehensive Curriculum

Entri provides a structured curriculum covering all aspects of software testing, from fundamentals to advanced techniques.

Practical Learning Icon

Practical Learning

Emphasizing hands-on exercises and projects, allowing learners to apply theoretical knowledge in real-world scenarios effectively.

Experienced  Instructors Icon

Experienced Instructors

Employing instructors with industry experience in software testing enables us to offer valuable insights, tips, and best practices gleaned from real-world projects.

Flexibility Icon


Offering flexible learning options like self-paced courses or live classes, accommodating different learning styles and schedules.

Certification Icon


Entri courses provide certification upon completion, enhancing learners' credibility and career prospects in software testing

Continuous Learning and Updates Icon

Continuous Learning and Updates

Entri Elevate keeps its curriculum updated with the latest industry trends, tools, and methodologies in software testing, ensuring learners stay current in a rapidly evolving field.

Career Support

Personalized Industry Mentorship Icon

Personalized Industry Mentorship

Get mentored by an experienced expert and receive personalized feedback for better career guidance

Resume Review Icon

Resume Review

In addition to technical skills, we help you develop soft skills such as communication and problem-solving

24/7 Availability Icon

24/7 Availability

You can access course materials and study whenever it's convenient for you, even outside regular class hours.

Live soft skill training Icon

Live soft skill training

Learners s will get additional soft skills training for aiding post-training placement assistance.

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