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Do you want to become a Certified Yoga Teacher? Complete our Yoga TTC Course from your Home and Start a career in Yoga Teaching. Yoga is music. The rhythm of the body. The melody of the mind. And the harmony of the soul. Create the symphony of life with Entri App.

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Course Overview

Yoga is a great option if you want to live a better life and improve your health while having an exciting profession! Both the public and private sectors have a huge need for yoga instructors. To help you get ready for the YOGA WELLNESS INSTRUCTOR examination provided by the Central Government AYUSH Ministry, Entri App provides a 200-hour course that spans three months and consists of online classes, in-person instruction, and practical practice. It's possible to help others achieve well-being, become a highly sought-after yoga instructor, and have flexible work schedules!

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Opportunity to participate in 3 Offline Camps

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Online study materials

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Malayalam/English languages

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Online Evaluation

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Zoom Live Casses

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Teaching practice and practicals

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200 Hours Class

Skills Covered

Do you want to be successful in the fields of Yoga Teaching? These are the skills that you need to possess.

Job Roles

Hatha Yoga Instructor

This is the most popular type of yoga instructor, instructing students of all skill levels in basic yoga postures (asanas), breathing exercises (pranayama), and relaxation methods.

Vinyasa yoga instructors

Vinyasa yoga instructors connect breath with movement in their dynamic and fluid yoga programs. These are the best lessons for those looking for a physically demanding practice since they provide a more intense exercise.

Yin yoga instructors

The goal of yin yoga is to address the body's deeper connective tissues by holding passive floor postures for extended periods of time. Teachers of yin yoga lead their students in gentle stretches that enhance flexibility, reduce tension, and cultivate awareness.

Prenatal yoga instructors

These professionals focus on teaching pregnancy-specific yoga poses that are both safe and effective. The emphasis of these courses is on poses that promote a healthy pregnancy, ease typical aches and pains, and get you ready for delivery.

Postnatal yoga instructors

Following childbirth, postnatal yoga instructors lead new moms through yoga poses intended to help them restore core stability, flexibility, and strength.

Yoga therapists

In addition to regular medical care, yoga therapists provide customized yoga programs for those with particular health issues or limits.

Corporate yoga instructors

These instructors help employees manage stress, attention, and general well-being by bringing the health benefits of yoga into the workplace.

Private yoga instructors

These instructors create and lead customized yoga practices for each of their unique students. This enables a practice that is customized to meet unique requirements, objectives, and constraints.


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Why Live Sessions?

Live Sessions

Real-time interaction

Live sessions facilitate interactions between students and instructors, fostering a sense of community and an atmosphere to ask questions, get feedback, and pick up knowledge from others.

Up-to-date information

The newest trends and technology are used in live sessions. Teachers can impart their knowledge on cutting-edge subjects and offer perceptions into current business practices.

Flexible and Convenient

Participation is possible from any location with an internet connection, allowing learners to more easily integrate education into their hectic schedules.

Increased Engagement

Engage participants directly, respond to inquiries promptly, and provide a more dynamic learning environment.


Live sessions are more accessible to a wider audience due to their lower cost in comparison to traditional classrooms.

Yoga Teacher Training Course Certificate

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ceed International is an ISO-certified comprehensive platform that provides a wide range of online and offline courses and services, including career development, language development, training, and counseling.

Yes, Entri’s yoga TTC online course certificate that is recognized by CEED International. That will help you to reach global job opportunities.

Of course, Entri’s online Yoga TTC courses help you to become a certified yoga teacher with the help of CEED international certificate and experienced mentors.

Indeed, after completing the course you can apply for the AYUSH Yoga Volunteer Certificate qualifying exam.

Key Learning Outcomes

A Yoga Teacher Training Course (TTC) equips you with a comprehensive understanding of yoga philosophy, practice, and the skills to effectively guide others. Here are some key learnings you can expect:

Deepened Yoga Practice

Asana: Gain an understanding of yoga postures (asanas) including proper alignment principles, variations for different bodies, and safe practice guidelines. Pranayama Techniques: Master breathing exercises (pranayama) to enhance focus, energy levels, and overall well-being. Meditation: Develop the skills to lead students in mindfulness, and self-awareness.

Foundational Yoga Knowledge

Yoga Philosophy: Explore the rich history and philosophy of yoga, including the Eight Limbs of Yoga (Ashtanga Yoga) and its impact on physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Anatomy & Physiology: Gain a solid foundation in human anatomy and physiology to understand the musculoskeletal and nervous systems.

Teaching Methodology & Communication

Teaching: Develop essential skills for creating engaging and well-structured yoga classes. Communication & Observation: Hone your communication skills to explain yoga concepts clearly and concisely. Sequencing & Pacing: Learn to design effective yoga sequences that target specific areas of the body and mind.

Professional Development & Ethics

Professionalism & Ethics: Learn how to conduct yourself professionally, adhering to yoga etiquette and ethical practices while building trust and rapport with students. Business Skills (Optional): You may gain skills in marketing yourself as a yoga instructor, managing finances, and running your own yoga classes or workshops.

Live Sessions

Yoga Teacher Training Course - FAQs

A Yoga TTC is an intensive program designed to deepen your understanding of yoga philosophy, asana (postures), pranayama (breathing techniques), meditation, and teaching methodology. It prepares you to become a certified yoga instructor.

Yes, many Yoga TTCs are open to all levels, including beginners. However, it's important to check the specific prerequisites of the course you're interested in.

Certification requirements typically include completing all coursework, passing exams, and fulfilling any practical teaching requirements.

Yes, upon successful completion and certification, you can pursue a career as a yoga instructor.

Entri App is a well-established name in the E-learning community, and their online teacher training course maintains the same high standards. The program is Yoga Alliance certified, ensuring that graduates can teach globally. With a comprehensive curriculum covering anatomy, philosophy, teaching methodology, and more, Entri App offers a flexible and interactive learning experience.

The time it takes to become a yoga teacher in India can vary based on several factors, including the type of yoga teacher training (YTT) program you choose and its duration. The Entri App's YTT is the 200-hour program, which is recognized by the Yoga Alliance, a global organization that sets standards for yoga teacher training. A typical 200-hour yoga teacher training program in India can last anywhere from 2 to 3 months, depending on the intensity and format of the training.

The salary of a yoga instructor in India may differ depending on several factors, including the type of yoga they teach, where they work, and their degree of expertise. However, according to recent data, the average annual salary in India for a yoga instructor is around ₹3.5 lakhs, or ₹30,000 per month. As you can see, with experience, a yoga teacher's pay will probably rise. Additionally, yoga teachers who focus on teaching classes like prenatal yoga or yoga for seniors may make more money overall.

Yes! To enroll in a yoga teacher training program, you do not need to be able to perform a handstand or the splits. Speaking in front of an audience doesn't even need you to be outgoing or confident.

Advantages of Learning from Entri

Elevate Learning Experience

Top-notch coaching Icon

Top-notch coaching

Entri provides high quality education with expert mentor support and experienced trainers, ensuring students receive top guidance to build a career.

Personalised learning Icon

Personalised learning

Entri offers personalised attention and interactive sessions, ensuring effective learning through tailored guidance and active participation.

Student Support Icon

Student Support

Entri provides industry networking and internship and placement assistance offering a holistic learning experience for aspiring professionals.

Skill Development Icon

Skill Development

Entri provides project assistance, practical training, and group discussions, enabling users to gain practical skills and collaborate effectively.

Career Support

Industry Mentorship Icon

Industry Mentorship

Get mentored by an experienced data science expert and receive personalized feedback for better career guidance

Resume Review Icon

Resume Review

Obtain specific, personalized inputs on your resume structure and content

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Live profile-building workshops

Build your profile with hands-on sessions

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