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Overview of Cooperative Bank Exams

Kerala PSC is responsible for conducting recruitment exams for various cooperative societies in Kerala. The board is accountable for conducting exams, evaluating the results, and releasing the merit list of successful candidates committed to maintaining the principles of cooperation and contributing to the development of cooperative institutions and communities.

The KPSC conducts The Cooperative Banks various examinations for positions such as Junior Clerks, Cashiers, Secretaries, Assistant Secretaries,office attendant and Assistant Managers in cooperative societies across the state.

Kerala Bank Recruitment Posts

The CSEB recruitment posts are given below, along with their salary scales. 


Super Grade

Special Grade

Class I

Class II


₹ 32660 -

₹ 74810

₹ 31000 -

₹ 72030

₹ 29500 -

₹ 69250

₹ 28000 -

₹ 66470

Assistant Secretary/Manager/Chief Accountant

₹ 29500 -

₹ 69250

₹ 28000 -

₹ 66470

₹ 25910 -

₹ 62500

₹ 23310 -

₹ 57340

Branch Manager Internal Auditor

₹ 28000 -

₹ 66470

₹ 27250 -

₹ 65080

₹ 25240 -

₹ 61210

₹ 22720 -

₹ 56050

Head Clerk/ Accountant

₹ 26580 -

₹ 63790

₹ 25910-

₹ 62500

₹ 23310 -

₹ 57340

₹ 19890 -

₹ 52480

Senior Clerk/ Senior Cashier

₹ 20950 -

₹ 54860

₹ 19890 -

₹ 52480

₹ 18830 -

₹ 50100

₹ 18300 - 

₹ 46830

Junior Clerk// Junior Cashier

₹ 18300 -

₹ 46830

₹ 17360 -

₹ 44650

₹ 16890 -

₹ 43660

₹ 16420 - 

₹ 42670

CSEB നോട്ടിഫിക്കേഷൻ വന്നു | ഇനി മാമാങ്കം

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Cooperative Bank Exam Preparation Tips

Understand the Exam Pattern

Learn about the exam pattern and its syllabus. It will help you tailor your study plan accordingly.

Create a Study Schedule

Create a study schedule that includes enough time for each subject or part. Maintain consistency in your study regimen to keep momentum and successfully cover all topics.

Gather Study Materials

Collect study materials and notes, including textbooks, reference guides, previous years' question papers, and online resources tailored to the Cooperative bank test syllabus.

Focus on Basics

Begin with the fundamentals of each subject and progressively progress to more complex areas. Before getting into complicated topics, make sure you have a basic understanding of fundamental principles.

Stay Updated

Be updated on current affairs, upcoming events, and policy changes related to cooperative services. Include essential knowledge in your preparation to improve your overall comprehension and analytical abilities.

Seek Guidance

If you are having trouble learning a specific topic, do not hesitate to seek help from teachers, mentors, or subject matter experts. Clarifying doubts might help you avoid misconceptions and increase your conceptual knowledge.

Revise Regularly

Schedule regular revision sessions to reinforce your learning and retain information effectively. Review previously covered topics periodically to maintain proficiency and identify areas needing further improvement.

Kerala Cooperative Bank Eligibility Criteria
The Cooperative bank eligibility criteria that candidates may need to fulfill include;
Educational Qualification

For Clerk:

  • A master’s degree in the arts or a degree in commerce from an accredited university with a focus on collaboration.


  • Successful completion of the Subordinate (Junior) Personal Co-operative Training Course (Junior Diploma in Cooperation) OR C. B.Sc. (Co-operation and Banking) Degree from Kerala Agricultural University. 


  • Any Bachelors Degree from a Recognized University and Higher Diploma in Co-operation or Higher Diploma in Co-operation and Business Management (HDC or HDC & BM of State Co-operative Union of Kerala Or HDC and HDCM of the National Council for Co-operative Training).

For Office Attendant:

  • No degree should have been obtained and a minimum pass in Standard VII is required.
Age Limit
Minimum Age: 18 Years Maximum Age: 40 Years ( General Category ) and 50 Years ( Society Category )
Candidates aspiring to apply for the Kerala Cooperative Bank exam for various positions must be Indian citizens
Number of Attempts
The candidate can appear for the Kerala Cooperative Bank Exam as many times as they want until they reach the maximum permissible age as per eligibility criteria.
Probation Period
The selected candidates will be subject to a probation period of two years.
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Cooperative Bank Exam Vacancy (2024 Notification)
Post General Category Society Category Total
Clerk (Cashier) 115 115 230
Office Attendant 125 124 249


Entri app delivers a complete Kerala Cooperative online education that includes both live and pre-recorded lessons. Experienced teachers lead the live sessions; they will walk you through the subject, respond to your questions, and offer tailored comments. On the other hand, the pre-recorded lessons are accessible, allowing you to learn at your own pace and convenience. confidence.

You can utilize the doubt-clearing feature of the Entri app after every lesson to settle your worries. As an alternative, you can use online resources like Telegram and WhatsApp to ask questions directly or remark on your doubts during live sessions.

Yes. The Entri app offers a comprehensive Kerala cooperative bank online course, which includes test series and mock tests.

The Cooperative Service Examination Board conducts exams for various job roles in cooperative societies, including positions such as clerks, assistant managers, Office Attendant ,accountants, field officers, and other administrative and technical roles.

To apply for exams conducted by the kerala PSC, Candidates typically need to visit the official website of the board and follow the instructions provided for online registration and application submission.