Verbal ability questions

Frequently asked Verbal Ability Questions for the competitive exams are available here for aspirants. We have updated the top Verbal Ability Questions and Answers here. Those looking to practice the Verbal Ability Questions and their solutions can scroll down to get more! All The Best!

  1. Change of Voice verbal ability questions:

    Her selection in the crew surprised Peter.

Answer: Option B

Peter was surprised at her selection in the crew.

  1. Identify the tense of the following sentence:

    We will be following your blog.

Answer: Option B
  • Future continuous tense is used to express an on-going or continued action which will occur at some time in the future.
  • It expresses future actions having an on-going nature - that is expected to start in future and continue for a period of time in future.
  • Form of future continuous tense: Subject + will/shall + be + ing form of the verb + Object
  1. 'Selecting Words' verbal ability questions:

    The Himalayas are located __ the northern frontier of India.

Answer: Option A

Explanation: along

The Himalayas are located along the northern frontier of India.

  1. One word substitute verbal ability questions:

    An object or something that is perceptible by touch

Answer: Option C

The substitute verbal ability is Tangible

  1. The foreign phrase ' ad libitum ' means?

Answer: Option C
  • ad interim -for the time being
  • ad hoc - for a particular purpose
  • ad libitum - at pleasure
  • ad rem - to the point
  • ad valorem - according to value