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Best Data Science Course in India

Do you desire a career as a data scientist? If you want to take advantage of the development that the data science sector offers, you should enrol in the best courses that are offered. You’ll advance professionally quickly with its assistance.

The greatest Data Science programmes and courses are described in this post, allowing you to upgrade your skills and find one of the best Data Science jobs in 2023. Continue scrolling!

Enroll for Data Science and Machine Learning Course Now!

What is Data Science and Machine Learning?

You might be wondering what is data science and machine learning are if you don’t come from an IT or computer science background. The reason I’m outlining the fundamentals of data science and machine learning is so that anyone, regardless of expertise in computer science, can succeed in the IT industry by taking these new courses. The most sophisticated secret we can share with you is that you don’t need to have prior IT experience to be an IT professional. You have precisely the right amount of ambition and tenacity to succeed Bill Gates.

Data science is a field of science that makes use of tools for data analysis, machine learning, and other techniques to produce or channel information into a corporate structure. The most potent tool of the twenty-first century is data. The way the data is processed plays a crucial role in the growth of a business or enterprise. In the modern world, there is a huge amount of data. By analysing the data, we may create a mathematical model that uses machine language and empirical formulas to advance business and the future.

How can a Data Science Course change your Life?

This is one of the most raised doubts by every aspirant while they think about joining a new course which is not at all highly popular (or not began to be highly popular). But remember the great success makers are the ones who realised the importance of certain things, knowledge, or tools in its earliest form. In order to gain a leaping success, the change should be embraced wholeheartedly.

Apple found the importance of Operating System in a mobile phone for the technical advancement, that too in a very early day. When others started to adapt the change, Nokia the only brand stood out of it saying, mobile phones need no operating system. This attitude and behaviour made Apple no.1 in the mobile industry whereas it made Nokia thrown out from the market. Keeping in mind let us look at what are the benefits of taking a Data Science course with Machine Learning.

Best Data Science Courses

The most valuable resource today in the world driven by digital technology is data. Every organisation needs it because it makes decisions easier and more quickly. In 2020, a significant new opening is anticipated for the field of data science. In comparison to 2019, the 62% has gone up. Finding a decent job and making career plans both demand a strong educational foundation. The major goal of this research is to create a list of the top data science programmes in India that also offer job placements.

Enroll for Data Science and Machine Learning Course Now!

1. Entri App- Become a Certified Data Scientist

If you have quite understood and realised about the significance and importance of Data science in the IT sector and decides to study Python for the coming days, the most confusing thought will be, what course should be selected. Since Entri blog briefed you about the importance of Data science and Machine language course doesn’t mean you have to take Entri’s course. But here we discuss, why you can’t resist Entri Data science and Machine language course.

Have a Valid Certification

It can be studied in different modes. I am not saying you can study well using the YouTube videos or tutorials, it will transform into a half-cooked egg in a pan. There may be so many Data Science online courses but courses which provide a valid certificate are so rare. Entri Data Science and Machine Language learning course is equipped with providing you a valid certificate. The highlights of the Entri certificate in Entri Data Science and Machine Language learning course:

  • Certificate which shows your excellency and proficiency in Python
  • Global Acceptance for the certificate
  • Provided from a valid authority which can be cross verified by the verifier
  • Provided based on the performance and excellence
Data Science Course in Different Cities
Data Science Training Course in Trivandrum with Placement Assistance
Data Science Training Course in Thrissur with Placement Assistance
Data Science Training Course in Kochi, Ernakulam with Placement Assistance
Data Science Training Course in Calicut with Placement Assistance

Planned Course with a Perfect Curriculum

Entri is coming not with some video classes but with a planned curriculum and perfectly designed syllabus for the completion of the course. The benefit of the planned curriculum and syllabus is that you won’t be having just video classes, but you will be having a course where you can pre estimate what you are studying, what you will be provided, what all things have already given and what all things are yet to be given while you are in the course. The students will be able to question the institution for what they have promised to do. This kind of transparency will not be provided with any of the other courses.

Free Tutorials To Learn

SQL Tutorial for Beginners PDF – Learn SQL Basics
HTML Exercises to Practice | HTML Tutorial
DSA Practice Series | DSA Tutorials
Java Programming Notes PDF 2023

Enroll for Data Science and Machine Learning Course Now!

The syllabus of the course will be distributed in the following domains:


Syllabus Data Science

Syllabus Data Science

Syllabus Data Science

Syllabus Data Science

Syllabus Data Science

Are you aspiring for a booming career in IT? If YES, then dive in
Full Stack Developer Course
Python Programming Course
Data Science and Machine Learning Course

What are the Plans of the Entri Data Science Course?

The Plans of the Data Science online course will be a Normal Plan and Gold Plan as Discussed below:

Normal Plan Data Science course

Gold Plan Data Science

Who will be taking classes?

Doubt can arise when you plan to choose an online course which offers you a competitive course and syllabus. Well, Entri is ready with one of the most talented and experienced educators in this sector who is none other than Fairoos OK.

EDUCATOR Data science course

join entri’s data science and ml course ! get a free demo video !

2. Udemy- Python For Data Science and Machine Learning

In this course, you will learn how to utilise Python for data science and machine learning. This is for people who are already familiar with the fundamentals and don’t need a review of them. To assist you solidify your understanding, the instructor guides you through Jupyter Notebook workbooks throughout the course. Portions to be covered,

  • Python Crash Course
  • Numpy and Pandas – Python libraries for Data Analysis
  • Matplotlib, Seaborn, Plotly, Cufflinks, and Geographic plotting – used for data visualisation
  • Regression, KNN, Trees and Forests, SVM, K-Means Clustering, PCA – used Machine Learning
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Big Data and Spark
  • Neural Nets and Deep Learning

Python for Data Science and Machine Learning, as well as topics like Big Data Analysis, Support Vector Machines, Neural Networks, Natural Language Processing, Spam Filters, and others, will all be covered in this course.

3. Coursera- IBM Data Analyst Professional

IBM Data Science Professional Certificate aids in a person’s comprehension of data science fundamentals and equips them with the abilities required to work with data. The tools, languages, and libraries used by expert data scientists are taught to users.

Learn about data science, including what it is, how it works, and the attitudes and behaviours of data scientists. The course offers comprehensive hands-on instruction in the fields of data science and machine learning. Topics to be covered,

  • Data Science Tools and Methods to solve real-world business problems
  • SQL and Analysis for Python to show you how to use it as part of your data science work.
  • Visualisation in Python to create meaningful visualisations and graphical representations.
  • Machine Learning with Python for uncovering hidden insights and predicting future trends.
  • Capstone Project to showcase your Data Science skills and give yourself a competitive edge.

Enroll for Data Science and Machine Learning Course Now!

4.  Scaler- Data Science & Machine Learning

Scaler Data Science and Machine Learning curriculum is a thorough data science education meant to give students skills required by businesses. After consulting with data scientists from the top 50 IT organisations, Scaler developed the course’s curriculum.

But data science is not the only topic covered in this course. Additionally, it imparts business strategies to pupils, enabling them to have a comprehensive understanding of how businesses operate. Scaler is now among the greatest Data Science programmes available thanks to this as well.

Scaler offers mock interviews to assist with placement preparation. The committed instructors at Scaler assist students in interview preparation and success. To further assist you in finding the greatest data science career chances and positions, they have 600+ placement partners including Google, Myntra, Flipkart, Paytm, Adobe, etc.

5. IIM Calcutta- Advanced Programme in Data Sciences (APDS)

IIM Calcutta conducts an Advanced Data science course  India with placements for working professionals who want to upgrade their skills while working. This program has a  few live sessions and a 4-day on-campus session. It is mostly online.

Tools Covered: XL-Miner SPSS, Tableau, Oracle, SQL, or, Arena, Apache Spark, Hadoop, etc.,

6. IIM Kozhikode- Data Science Course in India

IIM Kozhikode certificate programming on data science is designed for professionals from any domain looking for advance their career.  IIM Kozhikode has launched the certificate program in data science this program will provide the learners with the skills required to be successful in a data-driven world data professionals play a vital role in business decisions. The learners receive a certificate of completion from one of the best B-School (NIRF)2020

Tools Covered: python, Apache spark, MYSQL, tableau,

7. Edureka- Data Science Certification Masters Program

Here Data Science Masters Program helps you become skilled with the equipment and software that data scientists utilise. It offers teaching in Tableau, Tensorflow, Apache Spark, and Python as well as statistics and data science. After carefully examining more than 5000 job descriptions from throughout the world, the Data Science Training curriculum was created.

Data science fundamentals, data science visualisation, probability, inference and modelling, productivity tools, wrangling, linear regression, machine learning, and more will all be covered in this course. Through the use of practical case studies, you will be able to comprehend the fundamental ideas of data science.

Topics Covered,

  • Python Statistics for Data Science Course
  • R Statistics for Data Science Course
  • Data Science with R Programming Certification Training
  • Data Science with Python Certification Course
  • Apache Spark and Scala Certification Training Course
  • Deep Learning Course with TensorFlow Certification
  • Tableau Certification Training Course


Those who dare to do scary things often gain success in life. That doesn’t mean all the stupidest things you do in the name of scared things are not often coupled with success. If you are really confused about taking a Data science course as your career, keep the above statement in mind. Beware the institute and educators while you select to have the right course for you. Entri is always out there giving career counseling and important instructions and suggestions for you. Consult with the Entri Data science online course coordinator to quash your doubts and concerns. Keep studying, Keep winning. 

Enroll for Data Science and Machine Learning Course Now!

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